You get some shoes, a little rice…

The groom is nervous
He answers twice.
It’s really thrilling
That he’s so willing
To make some whoopie.

“The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has approved an increase in the cost of a marriage license to $90 from $70. The cost of a so-called confidential license will rise to $85 from $70.

“According to a statement from the county, the fee hike will generate about $500,000 in additional revenue for the cash-strapped county government coffers between January and June.”
Cost of getting married in L.A. County is going up, by Shelby Grad, December 23, 2009

And if we’d legalized gay marriage, we could pay off the Schwarzendebt and live happily ever after forever and ever in lovely sunny California – a paradise on earth.

Dream on, Ginger, just dream the fuck on.

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