California implodes. And you are there!

“As of July 2009, California’s budget shortfall was 49.3% of its general funds. States have considered drastic options to fill such gaps.

“‘I looked as hard as I could at how states could declare bankruptcy,’ said Michael Genest, director of the California Department of Finance who is stepping down at the end of the year. ‘I literally looked at the federal constitution to see if there was a way for states to return to territory status.’ (Man, we really are a failed state if we pay creeps like this to do anything governmental.)

“There were no bankruptcy options, and the legislature chose to cut back sharply on education and health care to fill the gap. Mr. Genest already predicts the 2011 shortfall will outpace the projected $7 billion gap. It is a smaller deficit than this year’s gap, but the choices will be more difficult because so many cuts have already been made.

“Mr. Genest estimated that, eventually, 40% of the state’s budget would go to the state Medicaid program, 40% to education, 10% to debt service and 6% to retiree medical services and pension—leaving little left for anything else, such as the state’s corrections system.”
State Finance Directors Warn of More Trouble Ahead, by Sara Murry, WSJ, November 13, 2009

California has really got to:

~ Ban paid petition signature collectors
~ Make referendums more difficult
~ Change the State Constitution for a simple majority for legislative changes (it’s been 2/3 for too long)
~ Factor income into property taxes more than the assessed property value (they’re not as closely related as they might seem [to an idiot])
~ Get rid of the evil 3 strikes law
~ Take term limits off the Ledge (the State ran better when there were knowledgeable people there who had something to lose [yeah, I know everyone hates Willie Brown, but this meltdown didn’t happen on his watch)

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