Universal Healthcare (Medicare for All) – well, d’uh!

Blue Shield canceling policies illegally? The hell you say! But they do.

Burden of proof on the consumer not the insurer! Noooo! Yes.

Private insurance even fucks over conservatives, but only if they’re dying.

It’s so obvious, America, it hurts: just expand Medicare to cover anyone and everyone who asks for it. Are we really this stupid as a country and a people? Don’t answer that, okay?

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1 Response to Universal Healthcare (Medicare for All) – well, d’uh!

  1. Logan says:

    Medicare for all would be the closest thing to a single-payer system we could realistically create. And, single-payer is what we progressives wanted in the first place. Then we were forced to compromise on a scaled down version called the public option. Now we’re being told to sacrifice on even that watered down version of what we believe in. I couldn’t agree more that we should just offer Medicare to whoever asks for it. Unfortunately we are already two steps away from that and in danger of losing even more ground. 1 step forward and 3 steps back? Fucking lovely.

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