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Storylandia 1 now on sale

10% off with this code P4QUBBXL if you buy it here and eligible for Free Shipping at Amazon. Storylandia 1 Kittycat Riley’s Last Stand, by Kelly S. Taylor; Not Quite a Prince, by Kathryn L. Ramage; More Minimalist Fiction, by … Continue reading

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Blondie – Kidnapper

I’ve no idea why it’s taken me over 30 years to dig this song up, but there you have it. I’ve certainly been thinking about it off and on over the decades. I guess life got in the way. Oh … Continue reading

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Mofo Grief! Weapon Brown #100

Part cyborg, all blockhead. Jason…I…you…um… I love these comics. Buy them. You’ll be glad you did. The first Weapon Brown, before Blockhead’s War, has a Christmas story in it.

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Call for blog essays

I’m rounding up the last issue of the Journal of Bloglandia in its current format. If you have a blog essay you’d like considered, please send it in.

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“Now is the time to deliver on healthcare”

Embedded video from CNN Video (via) Yes.

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The Public Option (s/b Medicare for all, but oh well)

Not all of us need the Public Option.

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Universal Healthcare (Medicare for All) – well, d’uh!

Blue Shield canceling policies illegally? The hell you say! But they do. Burden of proof on the consumer not the insurer! Noooo! Yes. Private insurance even fucks over conservatives, but only if they’re dying. It’s so obvious, America, it hurts: … Continue reading

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