Irony poisoning, case 65,498

“Wired editor Chris Andersen was the talk of the book biz yesterday, due to the too-ironic-to-believe revelation that his forthcoming book Free: The Future of a Radical Price (one of those only-in-big-publishing projects: a $26.99 hardcover that talks about things such as information wanting to be free) was riddled with text Andersen apparently lifted from other texts … for free.

“It started with a heads up in the Virginia Quarterly Review by Waldo Jaquith, who said he’d been sent a review copy of the book, which pubs on July 7, and ‘discovered almost a dozen passages that are reproduced nearly verbatim from uncredited sources…. Most of the passages, but not all, come from Wikipedia.’ It’s a thorough job, even including thumbnails comparing texts side-by-side.”
Chris Anderson whacked by long tail, by Dennis Johnson, Moby Lives, June 24, 2009

Does this attribution make me look fat?

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