No to the War Supplemental

Wish I’d seen this earlier:

“Here in California, Sam Farr, Bob Filner, Diane Watson, Pete Stark, Mike Thompson, John Tierney, Linda Sanchez, Mike Honda, Grace Napolitano, Jackie Speier, George Miller and Zoe Lofgren have all taken bold antiwar positions in the past. If you live in any of these districts, call, announce yourself as a constituent and tell them you support them voting no tomorrow. Leave a message if the office is closed (which it almost certainly is).

“Sam Farr (202) 225-2861
“Bob Filner (202) 225-8045
“Diane Watson (202) 225-7084
“Pete Stark (202) 225-5065
“Mike Thompson (202) 225-3311
“John Tierney (202) 225-8020
“Linda Sanchez (202) 225-6676
“Mike Honda (202) 225-2631
“Grace Napolitano (202) 225-5256
“Jackie Speier (202) 225-3531
“George Miller (202) 225-3201
“Zoe Lofgren (202) 225-3072

“And of course, Lynn Woolsey, Maxine Waters and Barbara Lee have been outstanding leaders in the caucus on war-related issues over the years, even back when being progressive on foreign policy was like screaming in the wilderness. If any of these are your Representative, call today and tell them how important it is that they cast their votes against the supplemental when they vote on Tuesday.

“Lynn Woolsey (202) 225-5161
“Maxine Waters (202) 225-2201
“Barbara Lee (202) 225-2661”
State blogs coordinating to stop passage of the war supplemental, by Leighton Woodhouse, Calitics, June 15, 2009

Barbara Lee was the only No vote on the Patriot Act in 2001. So if she’s saying say No to the War Supplemental, it’s a NO GO for sure. I have very few heroes, but Barbara Lee is in the top three.

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