People of Los Angeles

It’s nice the Lakers won, but could you please shut the fuck up and GO HOME? I can hear you all the way up on N Broadway. Christ, no wonder the LAPD was stressed out about this.

I mean, I hope it’s just that the Lakers won and the world isn’t ending. Or something. Great, now there’s sirens. Laker fans, you assholes, the LAPD have real crimes to deal with instead of your crazy-ass behavior.

Update: Now I’m really pissed off:

“At the Holy Grail, a vintage sneakers store around the block from Staples Center, owner Richard Torres appeared exhausted from staying up all night after revelers ransacked his shop after the Lakers’ victory.

“Torres was watching the Lakers’ game Sunday night at his father’s house in Corona when he saw images of the civil unrest on the TV news. He recognized the intersection of Pico Boulevard and Flower Street, where his store is located. Torres and his girlfriend, who works as the manager, jumped into their car and headed downtown.

“About fifteen minutes later, their security company called, saying the store alarm had been triggered. When they arrived less than an hour after the game had ended, shoe boxes were scattered all over the block. Some shoes had been lit on fire and thrown down the street.

“Torres and his girlfriend entered through the back door and saw the storage room all but empty. Fewer than 20 pairs of shoes were left out of the 800 pairs they had in stock. The floor was littered with receipts, price tags, tissue paper and crumpled-up shoe boxes.

“Torres’ eyes grew teary at the sight. Neighbors told them the revelers had gone to the back of the store, and pulled and pulled at the white metal door until it broke open, all the while chanting: “We want shoes, we want shoes.” Glass display cases had been shattered. Two computers, cash, sunglasses and hats were also looted.”
Owner of looted sneakers store surveys post-Lakers-victory damage, by Amanda Covarrubias, LA Times, June 15, 2009


“After the Lakers’ victory Sunday night, fans swarmed into the convenience store at a Shell gas station on Grand Avenue and Olympic Boulevard and started shouting: ‘Free soda! Free soda!’

“The rowdy crowd of about 20 young men, many wearing Lakers apparel, entered the store about 10:20 p.m. and started grabbing bottles of water, chips, candy, chocolate and six-packs of soda off the shelves, said 27-year-old employee German Bonilla.

“They loaded their arms with whatever they could grab and threw other items on the floor. They were gone less than five minutes later, Bonilla said. Bottles were shattered and cans of soda exploded on the floor. Bananas were trampled on, creating a sticky mess. A cashier in the store tried to tell the young men to leave and usher them out the door, but was unsuccessful.”
Looters raid a gas station store after Lakers’ win, by Amanda Covarrubias, LA Times, June 15, 2009

I’d rather my tax dollars go for the riot squad to protect the people and property downtown when the Lakers win and there’s a Laker riot than pay for this stupid “victory” parade thing. Oh, and by the way, eight LAPD officers were injured last night, so the LAPD probably isn’t in the greatest mood right now. And if they bust some heads at the “victory” parade, this will be the first, and hopefully last, time I won’t mind very much. Have fun on Wednesday, Laker fans. Yeah.

I like my city better when the Lakers lose. Sorry, that’s just the way I feel about it.

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