Parking Tards of Los Angeles

“I managed to take 2 photos before I was caught and unable to take
the piece de resistance of parking tard photos:

“Owner: Can I help you?
“Me: Is this your truck?
“Owner: Yes.
“Me: You’re taking up 4 compact spots.
“Owner: Well it is a big truck.
“Me: There are other non-compact spots to park in.
“Owner: Sorry to ruin your day.

“My thoughts after that were that ‘no, you didn’t ruin my day’ and
‘you’re going on teh interwebs about to be famous on LA Metblogs.'”
Parking Tards! Our readers are hunting for you too, by Sean Bonner, LA Metroblogs, June 1st, 2009

Un-fucking-real. Arrogant and stupid squared. FOUR COMPACT CAR SPACES FOR ONE GAS GUZZLER!!! W.T.F! A photo of the back of his truck after the jump (scroll to the end).

Okay, I’m going to try their scripty goodness beta thingy. Hope it doesn’t break the internets.

Well, this kind of works. Will be nice when it really works. All this cutting and pasting and typing wears me out. Whew!

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