Don’t bother with Docucopies

They’ll decide your project is obscene, sorry, “disturbing,” after they’ve taken the job.
Docucopies fucks over the Yaoi Press (also, via)

Here’s the TOS. Not a word about what kind of “disturbing” content they reserve the right not to print. Jerks.

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3 Responses to Don’t bother with Docucopies

  1. 1st Amendment a Go-Go says:

    I think you’re overreacting. Publishers have the right to refuse service to anyone for whatever reason. If a company chooses to print something that could be deemed erotic/pornographic or whatever, and they force their employees to work on it, the company is putting themselves in a position to be sued for sexual harassment by their employees.

    Docucopies made the right choice here. This is America. Find someone else to print your material, and don’t go publishing libelous and slanderous things when you get refused.

  2. Ginger M says:

    I so love it when advocates of free speech tell me to STFU. Mmmmmm, irony rush!

  3. 1st Amendment a Go-Go says:

    I wasn’t telling you to STF anything. Just suggesting you be a little more mature when criticizing other companies’ practices when you clearly have no idea what sort of consideration goes into their decision making process.

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