Watchmen review

God dayam that was boring.

The parts in the jail and the jailbreak were the best parts, but the rest was just boring. This movie had even less dimension than the comic.

You could spend about the same amount on the collected comics and get more for your money. They’re better, deeper, and more satisfying.

Full disclosure: I read the collected Watchmen about six years ago and have thought about it and reread it a lot since then. But I didn’t really understand it until I saw “Dark Knight,” and starting reading and thinking about libertarian fascism. Watchmen makes the same point that a Big, Wise Daddy is not going to save us in any way we’d like him to, but the Watchmen comics do more to make that idea crystal fucking clear. (Super secret fact: if you hold the comic up to a mirror by candle light under a full moon after payday, you can see ‘fanboys are stupid’ watermaked on certain pages. Not many people know this, and I’ll be killed if I reveal my source [I just made it up]).

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