What’s good about Los Angeles

“This is the second blog in a series in which young artists talk about the art they created on city traffic control boxes as part of our effort to beautify East Hollywood, Thai Town, and Little Armenia. LA Commons — a non-profit organization that works with communities across the city to highlight their ethnic, historic and cultural assets — enlisted the artists who are from local neighborhoods. To protect the art, the boxes have an anti-graffiti coating.”

“Message from the artist: ‘I started this project with Grace at Hollywood Youth and Family Center as a part of community service. When that service was done I kept on going because I love this project and I want to be a part of future art projects. One more thing I have to say (about the 27 fellow youth artists) … we started out strangers and ended up friends.'”
Young artists beautifying neighborhoods – RaeVaughn, Eric Garcetti blog, March 6, 2009

I’ll try to keep the links updated as they get posted, no promises though. Here’s the first artist:

Young artists beautifying neighborhoods: Eddie Cortez

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