Now the Octomom is in trouble

“Octuplets’ mom Nadya Suleman has turned down an offer of a home and 24-hour pediatric nursing care, attorney Gloria Allred said this morning during an appearance on CBS’ ‘The Early Show.’

“The nonprofit Angels in Waiting volunteer nurses ‘would have provided 24/7 care along with developmental specialists, early intervention professionals, wraparound services for — and individualized care for — all these babies,’ Allred said on the show.

“‘And I have to say that she did not accept our offer. And a home would have been provided. All 14 could have been kept together, the siblings as well. There would have been no burden on the taxpayers. Instead, now, it may be that the taxpayers are going to have to foot the bill for all of this.'”
Octuplets’ mom turns down offer of a home and nursing care, LA Times, February 27, 2009

Oh, man, now she’s got Gloria Allred on her case. And not in a good way.

Update 030909: But then she changed her mind:

But Suleman has apparently agreed to receive some help. Appearing on the “Dr. Phil” show, Suleman said she has accepted an offer from Angels in Waiting to provide child care. Suleman had earlier rejected the group’s offer.

According to a statement from “Dr. Phil,” Angels in Waiting will “initially will be providing around-the-clock services of skilled neonatal intensive care nurses who specialize in premature infant developmental care. Psychological and physical early therapies to help enhance all of the children’s growth and well-being will also be provided.”

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