When girls go b.a.d.

Men go right after them.

Actually, I’m going to be very bad and link to blogs that were published in the Journal of Bloglandia. There were some repeat authors in v1, issue 2, so this list is a little smaller, but the issue was just as big.

J Bloglandia, vol 1, issue 2, ISSN 1940-7645

Anne Valente (1)
Molly Ian
Joshua Finnell
Recording Industry vs. The People
Carol Colin Cover artist.
and last, but not least
Mad Kane Big blogger, big heart, thanks for letting me publish your award winning humor essay: Guide for the Opera Impaired.

More contributor information.

Vol 1, Issue 1

Feel like breaking into print?

1. A deleted blog: proof positive that J Bloglandia is needed because without it you’d be missing this lovely essay*. Unless Anne set up shop somewhere else and I haven’t heard about it. Oh well, blogs come and blogs go, and I’m on a mission to get as many readable, entertaining, educational, and enjoyable blog essays as I can in the Journal of Bloglandia.

*Wow, am I nice or what?

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