Cary Grant: You’re a b.a.d. b.a.d. girl

Mae West: Mmmmm, you’ll find out.

Actually, I’m going to be very bad and link to blogs that were published in the Journal of Bloglandia.

J Bloglandia, vol 1, issue 1, ISSN 1940-7645

The Real vs. The Spiel
One Tenacious Baby Mama (1)
Birdie C. Jaworski
Iron Monkey
Seth Anderson Cover artist.

More contributor information.

Vol 1, Issue 2.

Feel like breaking into print?

1. Dang, also a locked blog!?!?! Geeze Louise, I’m givin’ away the store here. Please note: this blog and Debora Teasdale’s blog (see previous post) were not locked when I published them. I’m sure they both have good reasons for locking their blogs, but I’m glad they let me publish them before they did.

Here’s links to all the posts from Jan 31, Feb 1, Feb 2, and Feb 3 for the B.A.D. celebrations chez Hackenblog.

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