Waterboarding. Is. Torture.

Say it with me: Waterboarding is torture.

But not for this guy, who’s evidently never been waterboarded.

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama’s choice for top U.S. spy declined on Thursday to call waterboarding ‘torture,’ only days after his attorney general nominee condemned the interrogation practice as precisely that.

“Retired Adm. Dennis Blair replied cautiously when pressed on the waterboarding question at a hearing on his nomination to be director of national intelligence, of which the CIA is a part.”
Obama spy choice won’t call waterboarding torture, Reporting by Randall Mikkelsen, editing by Philip Barbara, Reuters, January 22, 2009

Dennis, Dennis, Dennis, Dennis. Sigh.

You deliberately almost drown someone to coerce them into doing something and that’s not torture?

Someone deliberately almost drowns you to get you to do something and that’s not torture?

What planet is this guy on? Planet Military? Dump him! Now! Enough of this bullshit.

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