Did you know Get Your War On was ending?

I didn’t. Talk about the end of an era.

“In 2004, Rees announced that the strip (Get Your War On) would end with the Bush administration, and with Barack Obama assuming the U.S. Presidency on January 20, the cartoonist is doing just that.”


“The Bush years are almost over and so is “Get Your War On.” Is it a relief? Is it sad?

It’s bittersweet. I fantasize about Bush and me going into business together, maybe starting a record label? I think that could be really fun. He probably knows a lot of people in the record industry, which would help. (I assume he knows people in the record industry because he was President and the President knows everybody.)

“What were you doing on election night, 2008?

Hiding under my sofa. After they called it for Obama, I went to a party.


“What’s next for David Rees?”

I have no idea. Fortunately, the entire economy is collapsing, so it should be really easy to find a job….
David Rees Talks “Get Your War On”, by Alex Dueben, Comic Book Resources, January 13th, 2009

I haven’t read GYWO in years, but now I think I’ll miss it.

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