Lipstick Nation

“Khuraira, a make-up artist with 17 years experience, also noticed Mrs. O’s preference for a neutral lipstick palette. ‘Her constant choice of neutral lip colors is the ultimate endorsement of my belief that bold red is not the lipstick shade for women of color,’ says Khuraira. Instead, she believes that a shimmering but low-key color conveys glamour and sassiness. As a result, she has created the Lady Obama Lipstick.

“According to Khuraira, she chose a gold bronze tone for this honorary shade because she wanted a color that Mrs. O could wear for any occasion — plus one that would work with any woman’s skin tone. ‘After all, she is going to be the First Lady of all women,’ she says.

“Because Barack Obama has lost two important women in his life to cancer-his mother and then his grandmother just a day before his historic election-Khuraira is donating a percentage of the sales of this lipstick to The Breast Cancer Network of Strength. That’s what we call a show of true beauty.”
The Secrets of Beauty, Mrs. O blog, January 12, 2009

It’s going to be an entertaining eight years, isn’t it?

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