I hate electronic billboards

I hate all billboards, really, but I really hate the electronic ones. So I really like this:

“Assemblymember Mike Feuer is introducing a statewide moratorium on electronic billboards, and I am fully supporting this effort.

“Electronic billboards are cluttering our neighborhoods and we need to stop them before they take over our communities. If passed and signed into law, the moratorium would be in place through 2011 to give the city and state the opportunity to strengthen our laws and give local communities more control over where electronic billboards are located.

“If you want to express your support for Assemblymember Feuer’s proposal, you can send him an email by clicking here.”
New state electronic billboard moratorium, by Eric Garcetti blog, January 13, 2009

You’ll have to click on the link to send Assemblymember Feuer an email, I’m too lazy to code it.

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