We should dump the Rose Parade

And get Mummers!

These pictures are from the Philadelphia parade. Lynn L sent them to me.






From Lynn’s email:

“Froggy Carr’s brigade are all wenches. (Some of them are actual wenches.) They wear long braids and short flounced dresses, they carry ruffled parasols, and they dance. I have no explanation of the picture of Einstein.

“This year we didn’t get to see much of Froggy Carr’s performance on TV and we had to wait until this morning to learn why. Philly is in big trouble, and this year they cut all funding – police funds, prize money, everything – to the parade a month before they marched. So the Froggy Carr brigade, 600 strong, after dancing their way down Broad Street, hit the end of the parade route – City Hall – and set up a large portrait of Mayor Nutter, and threw hundreds and hundreds of shoes at it. Painted gold, of course. Golden Slippers!”

More Mummer 2009 links:

“Mayor Nutter’s name was cursed a few times by disgruntled paradegoers angry with the city’s decision to slash the parade’s funding this year. The Froggy Carr group displayed a sign reading ‘Frog U Mayor Nutter,’ and another group reportedly passed out buttons reading ‘A Nutter Fine Mess.’

“Facing a $1 billion budget shortfall, the city contributed only $300,000 to the parade, not enough for the estimated $350,000 cost of putting it on. No prize money was given, because the city declined to contribute $355,000 usually given to the winners in the Comic, String Band and Fancy Brigade Divisions. Nutter has said the Mummers will be on the hook for the entire cost of the parade in coming years.”
Frigid weather cuts Mummers crowd, by Allison Steele and Mari A. Schaefer, Inquirer Staff Writers, January 2, 2009

Philadelphia Mummers Parade 2009, on Flickr

2009 Mummers Parade Results, About.com

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