Blogging before breakfast

Yes, that’s what I’m doing, blogging before breakfast (yes, I know what time it is):

“But there’s also politics. And this crowd believes that the only focus should be Israel, and many also believe that only Republicans care about Israel (and yes, a lot are plain scared of Obama. *Shakes head.*)

“I am focused on Israel. I think it is important. However, I also believe that the best protection Israel has is not a US that says, ‘We support you’ but a US that is strong militarily and economically, and is respected overseas.

“That is not us. That has not been us for a long time now. We are fighting two wars, our economy is falling and the rest of the world thinks we’re willing to attack on a whim. All bad things. All under Israel’s great friend Bush. Who actually doesn’t care about Israelis anyway – just his religious goals.

“Anyway, I heard praises for Fox News, I heard men repeating rumors (we don’t know anything about Obama, we don’t even know where he was born, we haven’t investigated the Ayers thing – all things that were, in fact, investigated. And found to be nothing.) One man thought that the Republicans have found a connection between Madoff and Obama and therefore Obama would not become president.”
I’m spending New Year’s weekend in a country inn, Left of Centerist, January 2, 2009

She’s right, of course.

I’ve been thinking for a while that maybe the U.S. should break up. We’re just too diverse and huge to govern as one country. Strangely, this wacky Russian guy thinks the same thing and his map looks sort of like I’d imagined, at least the continental breaking into four parts. Coincidence? I certainly hope so. Although my break-up is more legislative than martial. I also think the (former) Confederate states would be one country, and the rest of the country would break up around economic hubs. But don’t quote me (or do, with a disclaimer), I haven’t given it nearly as much thought as Professor Panarin has.


(via Pen Elayne)

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