Maybe they should serialize their comics scripts online

“I’m going to guess that the reason why there are so few female writers at Marvel and DC is because editors aren’t approaching them to invite them to pitch ideas. I’m also going to take another shot in the dark and guess that female writers aren’t approaching Marvel and DC editors in order to pitch ideas to them.

“The audience? Has nothing to do with it. Both male and female writers are perfectly capable of reaching any particular audience. There are a large number of male writers churning out soap opera scripts for predominately female viewers. I’m sure there are quite a few female writers who could crank out a popular Batman story.

“If Marvel and DC editors actually care about hiring more female writers, they should take a close look at the industry in order to see which women writers are producing material that appeals to the current superhero audience. And then they should approach those women and ask them to pitch ideas. And they should do it just as often and for the exact same projects as they approach male writers for. Who do superhero fans respond to? Which female creators (from any industry) do they speak highly of? Which female authors specialize in action/adventure sagas? Find out and go contact them.

“It’s not that difficult. Really.

“Finally, after you approach these women, make sure that they ‘get’ superhero comics. They have to understand the common tropes and the way that superhero universes and stories operate. Don’t grab an author who has spent her entire life writing love stories for teenage girls, pair her with a terrible artist, plunk her down on a Revanche miniseries and then throw your hands up in the air and proclaim women can’t sell superhero comics when nobody buys it! One, you hired someone who has no idea how to reach the superhero audience. Two, you gave the writer an unpopular character to work with. Three, you saddled her with a terrible artist.”
Where the girls aren’t, Digital Femme, December 20, 2008

No, really, maybe female comics writers should start blogging or put their superhero (and other) scripts online. If the story got a following or a scandal or some kind of buzz, it might get the attention of some editor at the Big Two. Y’know, if I liked a script online enough to follow it, I’d certainly start bugging the Big Two to make a comic out of it. But I’m funny that way.

Hey, why not? Beats waiting around for the phone to ring.

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