Another wacky film list (nice interface)

I’m 32.4% less cool than swanksalot. I’m surprised I got that close.

Another wacky film list. I should make one.

Film Addict
You are 57.2% addicted.
Your friend, swanksalot, is 89.6% addicted.
Too bad. You better get watching!
Here’s how I stacked up. It’s interesting the films we both didn’t see.
Send this link to another friend so they can compare:

I have a hard time dragging myself out to see a movie. Thank God for Netflix.

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2 Responses to Another wacky film list (nice interface)

  1. swanksalot says:

    I didn’t look really closely at what you haven’t seen, but one film jumped out at me that you should rent from Netflix: Paths of Glory. Not a war movie, per se, more about the incompetence of bureaucrats and especially military bureaucrats.

  2. Ginger says:

    Hey, Seth. Thanks for the rec. I’ll put Paths of Glory in the Netflix queue.

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