Walmart killer crowd victim

I’m late with the temp stock clerk who was murdered at Walmart and other people injured in the stampede story. I read a woman miscarried due to her injuries, which is equally shocking. I doubt Walmart is doing anything to help his family bury the poor guy, so if there’s a fund to help out, I’ve got a few bucks for it. Or if there’s a fund to hire lawyers and sue the fuck out of Walmart for a wrongful death due to their negligence in crowd control, then put me down for that, too.

Incredible as it seems, maybe Walmart should hire the local police’s Riot Squad for next year. I understand the Riot Squad is usually underemployed on Black Friday.

I seem to recall some horrifying incident like this happening every year in our sales-crazed consumer frenzied society. If stores can’t manage their crowds, maybe it’s time for professional help. Ask local law for the Riot Squad. Blackwater ops even. No, I’m not kidding. I wish I was.

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