President Obama has his work cut out for him

“Pakistani intelligence sources report that Siddiqui was in Pakistani detention until the end of 2003 and that her son Suleman fell ill and died during that time. It is known that terrorism suspects often spend a period of time in the country before being turned over to the Americans. According to the Asian Human Rights Commission, there are 52 secret prisons in the country, into which thousands of Pakistanis are believed to have disappeared since the beginning of the war on terrorism.

“A number of other prisoners held at Bagram Air Base, the site of the most important US detainee camp in Afghanistan, say they heard a woman screaming. Some claim two women were there. The woman was nicknamed the ‘gray lady of Bagram.’

“Elaine Whitfield Sharp, an attorney who has represented the family since 2003, is convinced that Siddiqui was classified as a high-level prisoner and spent five years in a so-called ‘black site’ in Bagram — in one of these notorious black holes in the legal system.”
‘The Most Dangerous Woman in the World’, by Juliane von Mittelstaedt, Der Spiegel, November 27, 2008

If we’re still giving thanks for anything, we can include that we are not the gray lady of Bagram.

I’ll be thankful when Obama ends the war on terrorism and the U.S. stops kidnapping, torturing and raping in the name of truth, justice and the American way.

But right now I just feel sick enough to throw up.

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