Jon Swift explains Thanksgiving

“This year as President Bush pardoned two turkeys, who surprisingly had nothing to do with the Savings and Loan scandals of the 1980s, he remarked that it was his ‘last Thanksgiving as President.’ But it might be the last Thanksgiving any of us celebrate since there is a good chance that when Barack Obama takes over, he will abolish Thanksgiving along with other holidays liberals hate such as Columbus Day, Christmas and the Fourth of July.”


“Thanksgiving celebrates the day that Pilgrims and Indians sat down to eat together before the gay secularist Indians divided this country and tried to foist their atheism and savage decadent culture on the God-fearing pilgrims. The pilgrims were rightly appalled by Native American culture where transgendered ‘two-spirit’ people or ‘berdache’ were accepted as normal members of the tribe. To Native Americans, who were ignorant of the Bible’s proscriptions against homosexuality and running around practically naked, there was nothing wrong with squaws marrying squaws and braves marrying braves. The pilgrims did not care what Indians did in the privacy of their own teepees, but they did not want their children exposed to this immorality. So the pilgrims were forced to defend themselves, just as Proposition 8 supporters, under assault from gay activists, must defend themselves now.

“The idea that pilgrims defending their way of life committed genocide is a gross distortion of history, as Mona Charen and Michael Medved point out. ‘In the clash of civilizations between European settlers and Native Americans, millions died,’ Charen writes. ‘But the overwhelming majority of those deaths were attributable to diseases carried involuntarily by Europeans and spread to natives who had no natural immunities to these pathogens. That is a tragedy, but not a crime.’ Medved’s new book The 10 Big Lies About America reveals the truth behind the ‘smears’ that slavery was such a big deal or that genocide was committed against the Indians, which has ruined Thanksgiving for so many people. For example, he points out that the idea that Europeans had anything to do with willfully spreading disease through small pox-infected blankets is a myth. ‘The endlessly recycled charges of biological warfare rest solely on controversial interpretations of two unconnected and inconclusive incidents 74 years apart,’ says the film critic, who screened hours of John Ford westerns to verify his findings. Sure, there may have been a few little massacres, such as the Trail of Tears, the Sand Creek Massacre and Wounded Knee but most Indians died of diseases whose spread was no doubt hastened by their decadence and promiscuity.”
Let Us Remember the True Meaning of Thanksgiving Before It’s Abolished, Jon Swift, November 27, 2008

Yeah, well, if you weren’t in with the Pilgrim In-Crowd you were pretty much dead in the water no matter what way-of-life(TM) you were practicing. Such as those unfortunate women and men who were hanged and imprisoned on trumped up witchcraft charges. Too bad for Charen and Medved that they can’t made the case for liberals as witches. But it is still the 21st century or was last time I noticed.

Only fifty-four more days of bush, oh thank you Lord, only fifty-four more days. And maybe we’ll get a Congress with the cajones to undo some of the bush horrors, too. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

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