Yahoo is evil

And they’re jerks. I’m not going near a Yahoo site until after the election because Yahoo is running Yes on 8 ads. I’ve seen some creepy ads on Yahoo, but this is the creepiest.

I think it might finally be time to move to gmail. And if you have any money left, No on Eight could still use it for the good fight.

The PR director at Yahoo is Jill Nash. I’ve called and left a message asking that those ads be removed. The Yahoo Corp number is 408-349-3300, you can either get the operator or try dialing by name. Good luck if you do call.

Yahoo – they’re not just idiots, they’re evil idiots.

Update: So I got a call back from one of the Yahoo flaks and the official line is that they accept any ads that meet their ad criteria. She did go to great pains to tell me that the founders of Yahoo have a full page ad in the San Jose Merc supporting the No on 8 campaign and vote. I think they could have saved their money and just refused the Yes on 8 ads, which claim 96% of California schools teach about marriage. This is not true and Yahoo’s position is that that’s an interpretation. Yahoo’s position is disgraceful and they should be ashamed. All the paid advertising in the world isn’t going to wipe this out. I interpret Yes on 8 ads as hate speech directed against gays and lesbians. Does hate speech meet Yahoo’s ad criteria?

Update 110608: Apparently Google is evil, too.

Update: “…49 percent (voter) turn out in San Francisco county and a 55 percent turnout in Alameda County.”
Lessons from and discussion about the No on Eight campaign failure.

49% voter turn out in San Francisco? What the fuck?

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