Mormons Exposed!

“Estimates of donations by Mormons to Prop 8 are now up to $10 million, funding all of those lies and distortions on our airwaves. They have been fueling their volunteer base from here in California and across the country, using their church organizing networks to turn out volunteers to phone bank and knock doors. And Mark Jansson, a ‘Yes on 8’ Executive Committee member and self-described LDS member, was one of four signers to the blackmail letter sent to Equality California donors. The Mormon Church is heart of the Prop 8 campaign, but for a long time the scope of their involvement was not known.”
Under Fire, Mormons Are Backing Off (A Bit) on Prop 8, by Julia Rosen, Calitics, October 25, 2008

Utah Mormons, leave California alone. Gay marriage will never ever be legal in Utah. No one is ever going to demand the LDS church sanctify a gay marriage. That should be enough for you, so just calm down. Going to city hall and getting married is very different from what LDS and other churches do to, sorry, with marriage. Y’all can keep your ceremonies (and keep them far away from me, thanks). And, by the way, aren’t churches supposed to be above politicking? Can’t we all just get along?

Thank you for your attention.

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