Anti-gay marriage Prop 8 in danger of passing

Get your attention?

“None of that is to say that we shouldn’t be worried. The article quotes the campaign as blaming two reasons here. First is the massive spending of the Yes campaign, with most of that being from the Mormon community. It seems the Mormons liked persecution so much that they want to inflict it upon others. At any rate, Yes is outraising No by about $10 million. That’s Bad. Very Bad.

“Which leads us to the ‘complacency’ reason. Specifically, the No on 8 campaign is saying that queer and queer-friendly communities are now expecting to win and are not working and contributing enough to see this thing through. So people, let’s get on this.”
Prop 8: Is Complacency Our Worst Enemy? Pessimistic Polls Emerge, by Brian Leubitz, Calitics, October 7, 2008

Get registered, vote no on Prop 8, and if you can spare it, contribute to the Equality for All because the other side is raising way more money. Eeeek!

Also: Prop 8: $6 million down. Time to step it up.

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