J Bloglandia, volume 1, issue 2 is now on sale at Lulu and Amazon

You can buy the 8.5×11″ version at Lulu for $7.00 or the 6×9″ version at Amazon for $9.00.

The Journal of Bloglandia, volume 1, issue 2, is a collection of the following blog essays: Guide for the Opera Impaired by Madeleine Begun Kane (Mad Kane), Criticism by Paul M. Rodriguez, Storytelling by Anne Valente, 18 Months Into Parenthood When Plan A Was to Get Spayed ASAP by Molly Kiely, The Doctor Is in: What We Talk about When We Talk about Fiction by Susan O’Doherty, Don’t step back, step in… by TJ Byran, Bon Voyage! Maybe. by Ginger Mayerson, One Woman’s Story: I Sued Rumsfeld for Sexual Harassment by Molly Ian, Tough Cuts by Eva Lake, The Philosophy of Librarianship: A Journey Towards Discovery by Joshua Finnell, and How the RIAA Litigation Process Works by Ray Beckerman.. Enjoy!

I’m already working on Issue 3. I’d like to have more political and economic essays in Issue 3, so if you like what you see here, and you or someone you know would like to have a blog essay in Issue 3, please refer to these guidelines and send the essay on in. Feel free to get in touch with me at editor AT j-bloglandia.info if you have any questions the guidelines don’t address. The deadline is when I have enough pages to publish. Thanks!

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