Oh, we got trouble, right here in wherever you’re reading this

Some good trouble, some not so good:

Mr. Dan Kelly fights horror with Horror! An Obama fundraiser! Check the couch cushions, friends, and pony up whatever you can. Oh, and by the way, this is Mr. DK’s LJ, which will be the place to be on October 18.

And also, sorry, in spite of George T’s and Ellen d’s lovely weddings, the forces of anti-gay marriage and general killjoys are outfundraising the forces of gay marriage, light, truth, fun and more fun. Here’s the scoop and where to donate. Here’s how bad it is: on August 28, Equality for All (vote No on Prop 8 to amend the CA constitution against gay marriage) had raised $9,474,677 vs. the $10,657,033 raised by the foes of gay marriage from God knows who. On September 16, Equality for All had raised $10,847,114 vs $16,231,781 to support the ban on gay marriage. This is very wrong and if you have some spare money to donate, and I know we’re all about tapped out, please do so.

And California voters: no one should assume this Prop 8 constitutional ban thing isn’t going to pass. We thought that about Prop 22 and look what happened. Let’s not do that again. Get registered, get voting, please and thank you. You gotta be registered by October 20 to vote on November 4.

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