America, you’re watching too much TV

“If there are any questions about how Clinton supporters can possibly hold out against cries for party unity issued by DNC Chairperson Howard Dean, Obama, and even Clinton herself, one need only keep in mind that political supporters are fans and are therefore as capable as disappointed fans of being as intransigent and as insistent on segmentation and separation. In fan base wars that concern rival romantic pairings (such as Buffy/Angel vs. Buffy/Spike), it’s clear that a number of disappointed members of the marginalized fandom (Buffy/Spike) turn against the text that they once loved. After the Buffy/Spike romance was foreclosed by the show’s narrative, numerous Buffy/Spike fans became strongly antifannish about Buffy, “hating” on the show continuously on various message boards, with some going so far as to quit watching the series entirely. Likewise, for political fans, loyalty to a single politician’s candidacy, and the defeat of that candidate, can lead fans to reject the party outright or to tune out from politics until 2 or 4 years later, when another election cycle begins, at which point their preferred candidate may return or they may find a new candidate to back. In both entertainment and politics, the final stage of participating in a marginalized fandom can be the turning away from the initial object of investment, whether it be Buffy or the Democratic Party. In the end, some fans’ investments in a particular story line, character, or candidate trumps their investment in the larger program or party.”
Participatory democracy and Hillary Clinton’s marginalized fandom, by Abigail De Kosnik, Transformative Works and Cultures, Vol 1 (2008) online only

Y’know, I think we’re bigger than this. I supported Hillary until it was time to support Obama. Now I support Obama as much as I supported Hillary. I think most of us are like this. Because if we’re not, were not just doomed, we’re fucking doomed.

It’s a country, not a TV show. Give us a little credit for knowing the difference, Dr. De Kosnik.

Transformative Works and Cultures, Vol 1 (2008) is pretty good reading. I wish they’d run a print copy through or something because I really hate reading off a screen. And, yes, I know I can print pdfs, but I want to read out of a nice little perfect-bound book, thank you very much. Oh well.

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