Just say no to Sarah Palin

Women Against Sarah Palin.

If I could stop laughing long enough to be agin her, I’d be agin her, but pretty much she’s just a joke for me. I don’t know what the RNC is smokin; these days, but it must be some gooooood stuff.

Oh, and while I have you: Californians, vote no on all the Measures. That’s what I’m doing, it saves so much time. I’m sick of referendament instead of government. I don’t mind mob rule, hell I was raised on it, but mob fiscal policy is too avant garde even for moi. Hey, and register to vote, vote early, vote often, and for God’s sake vote Democrat, please and thank you.

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  1. Alex Steed says:

    Just came across your site while looking through links on cursor.

    Have you seen this, by chance? It’s a great action opportunity re: Sarah and the swing states:


    Hope this finds you well,

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