A pregnant teenaged daughter showed the family was normal.

“Some voters saw authenticity in Palin’s life. They said the fact that Palin had a pregnant teenaged daughter showed the family was normal.”

This is normal now? Could someone please tell that to all the demonized pregnant teens whose last names are not Palin. Thank you.

“This is happening all over the United States. I think people will identify with her. People want to vote for people who are like them,” said Pat Lynch, 42, a Republican and a commodities trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

“The teenage birth rate in the United States is among the highest in the developed world. Sex education and the availability of contraception varies state to state.”

Yeah, well, if they handed out condoms with instructions on the street corners, Bristol Palin might’ve finished adolescence before she got baby-jacked into adulthood.

“Kansas Republican Jacqueline McMahon said Palin’s children — newborn or pregnant — should not be an issue.”

Expect that not being able to keep her own daughter pure as the driven snow, or whatever that weird expression is, highlights in a big way the failure of abstinence education, which Palin tries to shove down America’s throat, which is really wishful thinking education, or at least not very effective education, and this proves it yet again.

“‘If she is qualified to do the job … (the rest) is totally none of our business,” said McMahon, a 39-year-old mother of two and business owner. She added: ‘Barack Obama’s mother … had him when she was 18. I think it is a nonissue.'”

But wasn’t Obama’s mama married and ready to have a kid? I think there’s a really big difference there. I’m not a huge fan of marriage, but when people get married, someone, somewhere, at some time has told both parties that sex leads to kids. Y’know?
Sarah Palin controversy stokes Mommy War, by Andrea Hopkins, Reuters, September 2, 2008

Man, the Sarah Palin jokes are just writing themselves.

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