Southern Californians: Vote NO on the MTA 1/2% increase sales tax

“Popular wisdom may suggest that toll roads are unfair to the poor, but a new study shows these pay-as-you go transportation options may actually be fairer to all income levels than paying for road improvements through sales taxes.”


“The 91 Express Lanes is a 10-mile stretch of roadway with four lanes in the center of the freeway reserved for registered users with transponders. Subscribers can then pay a toll to enter the lanes and bypass stop-and-go traffic in the adjacent “free” lanes. The tolls are set to keep traffic in the reserved lanes free-flowing and range from $1.25 to $10 depending on direction and time of day.”
Toll Roads or Sales Taxes? Most forms of transportation finance are regressive forms of taxation that burden the poor more than the rich, says a new study by USC and UCLA researchers. By Anna Cearley, USC News, August 19, 2008 (also at Transportation if you have access)

Feh. I never drive the 91, but if I did have to drive that nightmare, I’d be happy to pay for it to be a better experience.

I’ll be saying this until the election is over: the MTA needs to do a better job with the money they have instead of taxing everyone in Los Angeles County so they can do more bad jobs in a few, very select places. Please vote NO on the MTA 1/2% increase in sales tax. 8.25% sales tax is enough already; 8.75% is too much for too little. Thank you for your attention

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