Why the New Yorker Obama cover annoys me so much

Contrary to what the psycho rightwingnuts and the New Yorker editorial staff think, not everyone is a registered Democrat in Manhattan. I mean, the world outside of Manhattan and the upcoming election might not matter to the New Yorker because it will take a long time for the flood waters to get that high, but I live in a barrio in Los Angeles, so this election really matters to me and most of the rest of the universe. Well, anyway…here’s someone saying it better, except my sympathies are not with the asshole artist:

“But back to the New Yorker cover. I’ve got sympathies for the artist because he has a difficult task here. In order to satirize something, you’ve got to take it over the top. This New Yorker cover merely repeats the smears and rumors about Sen. Barack Obama, and therefore it is indistinguishable from something you’d see from a right wing magazine. As Jonah Goldberg of the conservative National Review points out, ‘What I find interesting about the New Yorker cover is that it’s almost exactly the sort of cover you could expect to find on the front of National Review.’ Granted when you’re dealing with right wing crazies it’s pretty difficult to out do them. You could try to draw a cartoon of Obama crashing a jet into the White House while eating babies and showing an in-flight movie where he and Rick Santorum star in a bestiality porn film with an endangered species of sea turtle, but you’d probably just be disappointed when you found that is the topic of next week’s edition of CNN anchor Glenn Beck’s radio show.”
“Will the New Yorker give equal time to unfair McCain smears?”, by Eric Millikin, Talk About Comics, July 14, 2008

I like satire, when it works. But this cover doesn’t work as satire, it’s a smear, and I don’t like it. Fuck you, too, New Yorker. I’ll stick with Harper’s Magazine and Cursor.org.

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