Soldiers in Iraq would like some books, if you have any to spare

This email was forwarded to me from a reliable source. The original sender’s son, who was stationed there, confirmed that they have almost nothing in their library:

“I am now on active duty again and have deployed to Iraq for the second time. I am assigned to 1st Marine Logistics Group as the Camp Commandant of Camp Al Taqaddum. “TQ” is just west of Baghdad on the northeast corner of Lake Habbaniya. It is a large sprawling base that is home of several thousand Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen.

“We have a modest library on the camp and they are in need of more books. The library staff really wants copies of the Commandant’s Reading List and other books and DVDs that would be of interest to young men and women 18-30. College prep books would also be welcomed.
Books may be sent to:

“Sabine Glascoe
“APO AE 09381”

from an email from my pals, Carol and Ted.

I don’t have anything on the Commandant’s Reading List, but I can certainly send a few things from Amazon and glean a little from my stacks as well. Please feel free to cross-post or let me know it’s a hoax, which would surprise me very much.

Although I’m kind of wondering about this now, because this site has the same text, but a different origin. I sent an email to the Sabine, let’s see if I get an answer.

So the email’s not bouncing and here’s what a googlefication of Sabine Glascoe turns up, so maybe it’s okay. I’ll weed some books and send them on the off chance it is.

If something new turns up, I’ll post it here.

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  1. Jack Watson says:

    Hi Ginger-

    This is a real charity and not a hoax. You can read about Marine Colonel Folsom and his charity, “Wounded Warriors” at:

    and view his website at:

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