Gay Marriage for the OC now! Oh, wait, they have it.

Let’s let them keep it:

“Our preference would be for the government not to be involved in marriage, the most fundamental of institutions in a civil society. Why two people who want to be married should be required to get a license from the state is something of a mystery. Marriage existed long before the California or U.S. governments came into being and will continue long after they have been consigned to history. Whether a marriage is valid should be up to the people involved and the churches, synagogues, mosques or other religious institutions that choose to perform them or not.

“As a practical matter, however, the government has so entwined itself into our daily lives that state recognition is important. Filing taxes as a married couple or as individuals makes a difference, as does the ability to own real estate, make end-of-life decisions or adopt children. Considering all this and the importance of equality before the law, the high court’s decision was justified.”
Editorial: Marriage shouldn’t be government’s concern, OC Register, June 22, 2008 (ht) (Also: Gay marriage backers want ban issue off ballot, Bob Egelko, Chronicle Staff Writer, Saturday, June 21, 2008 [also ht])

Oh. My. God. I’m agreeing with the OC Register. Maybe there really is hope for this crazy mixed up world.

By the way, this does not let anyone off the hook for voting in November. Just get registered to vote! And then vote! It’s easy, and if you really need help or motivation (heheheheh), you can call me on Skype at ginger.mayerson Sometimes I answer, sometimes I don’t. It’s a like life: a gamble.

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