The case against het marriage


This sounds more like Dee Patterson is making a case for divorce. I know For Better or For Worse is supposed to be some kind of paean to marriage and family but I’ve never seen it that way. Reading FBOFW has always been looking at a car accident I missed.

Full disclosure: I do know some happily married het and gay families, I am not anti-family or anti-child or anti-love, but FBOFW just takes all the joy out of it for me and I can’t imagine any kids reading this would think the trapped creepy hopeless, but financially secure blandness of the Patterson milieu is at all desirable. Foxtrot, Jump Start, Calvin and Hobbes, Zits, Kevin and Kell, and Rose is Rose do a much better job of making growing up, loving, and having a family much more fun than FBOFW. I suspect Lynn Johnson wants her readers to know that successful het society is a very exclusive club and they’ll have to earn their happiness if they want to be like her. But, hey lady, even I know there’s more joy in growing up, loving, and having a family than the Pattersons make of it. FBOFW does to relationships what Mary Worth does for growing old: they make them suck more than they really do.

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