Isn’t having to wear a tie bad enough?

Now guys have to worry about their shoulders?

In truth, men’s fashion endlessly mystifies me. How do men work out the tie/shirt thing? Or sports jacket/pants thing? Cuff links? Tie bar vs. tie clip vs. tie pin? How do you men know when to wear a white jacket or a black jacket after five? I recently watched Casablanca several times (okay, eight times, and then I quit cold turkey) and I was not enlightened. I mean, is this white jacket thing something you only wear in nightclubs? I just don’t know.

I just looked at some suit shoulders on heads of state from the mid 90s.


Oh. My. God. The Dandiest is correct!

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  1. Seth A. says:

    Luckily, in my current life, I don’t have to wear the suit/tie combo very often (mostly just weddings/funerals), but I used to. The worst part is the constriction of the necktie, you can hardly swallow. Also, hard to have much individual style in that sort of outfit, which is the point I guess, everyone looks sort of similar (just look at the photo above), like drones.

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