Mayerson GOTV: Obama says he would cut taxes for middle class

“Democrat Barack Obama told voters Saturday he would push an aggressive economic agenda as president: cutting taxes for the middle class, raising taxes on the wealthy, pouring money into ‘green energy’ and requiring employers to set up retirement saving plans for their workers.

Campaigning in Pennsylvania, a key battleground in the fall campaign, Obama said he would take a much more hands-on approach than would Republican John McCain. He again criticized McCain’s proposal for a temporary halt in the federal gasoline tax. It would ‘actually do real harm,’ Obama said, by reducing revenue for road and bridge construction even as oil companies make record profits.”
Obama says he would cut taxes for middle class, By Charles Babington, Associated Press Writer, Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hey there Patriotic Middle Class Taxpayers, wouldn’t you rather pay less taxes and have those taxes pay for stuff like this than for horrific, bloody, unjust, tragic, stupid wars that further de-stabilize unstable places, but make Junior Bush feel like his penis is bigger? Fuck yeah! Me, too! Lower taxes, cooler services, and, y’know, like, a future for everyone!

The rest of you can get hip to the scene and STFU, thanks!

Vote Obama or we’re not just doomed, we’re fucking doomed.

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