A better BEA report than mine will evah be

“Arrived in L.A. around 5:30. Flying in, I got a view of all these amazing purple trees lining the streets (I forgot to take a picture, but Cynthia informs me they are jacaranda trees). After de-planing, spent the better part of an hour waiting for the shared van. Finally arrived at the Figueroa Hotel at about 6:45. It was pretty funny when the occupants of the van – all younger than me – looked at the front. ‘Why are we stopping at this dump?’ asked one young man, who’d declared himself a 2nd year law student during the ride. ‘Me,’ I said, laughing and squeezing out of the car.”
BEA in LA, Jacqueline C. Simonds, Publisher, Beagle Bay, Inc., June 8, 2008

Ms. Simonds is a lovely lady Tom Good and I visited with in the Hotel Figueroa lobby while I recovered on Sunday afternoon from Sunday morning at BEA. Tom is in much better shape than I am. I like the Hotel Figueroa very much – Tom said he was reasonably comfortable there – most hotel lobbies make me feel like I should be moving along and very quickly.

Check out JCS’ picture of the Scientology Pirates. You’ll be glad you did. I’m glad Tom and I weren’t the only ones lured in.

I was in crowd shock and not paying any attention. And then I noticed…
Mayerson: L. Ron Hubbard!?! Is he here?!
Pirate Girl: No, but we’re promoting his book.
She didn’t bat an eyelid, so she must get asked that a lot.

And then we were rescued by this giant bear who didn’t appear to be a Scientologist.

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