Obama it is

But Senator Clinton gave a good speech.

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“Now, 16 months ago, you and I began a journey to make history and to remake America. And from the hills of New Hampshire to the hollows of West Virginia and Kentucky, from the fields of California to the factories of Ohio, from the Alleghenies to the Ozarks to the Everglades, to right here in the great state of New York, we — we saw millions of Americans registering to vote for the first time, raising money for the first time, knocking on doors, making calls, talking to their friends and neighbors, mothers and fathers lifting their little girls and their little boys onto their shoulders and whispering, ‘See, you can be anything you want to be.'”
Text of her speech

And, to do what I said I’d do and put my money where my mouth is….I’ll never be as Irish as Mr. Dan Kelly, but I can copy him.

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