Mayerson GOTV: Gay Marriage on the line in November 2008

“SAN FRANCISCO – California’s highest court Wednesday refused to stay its decision legalizing same-sex marriage in the state, clearing the final hurdle for gay couples to start tying the knot this month.

“Conservative religious and legal groups had asked the California Supreme Court to stop its May 15 order requiring state and local officials to sanction same-sex unions from becoming effective until voters have the chance to consider the issue in November. The justices’ decisions typically become final after 30 days.

“An initiative to ban gay marriage has qualified for the Nov. 4 ballot. Its passage would overrule the court’s decision by amending the state constitution to limit marriage to a man and a woman.”
Calif. court refuses to stay gay marriage ruling, by Lisa Leff, Associated Press Writer, June 4, 2008

Seriously Californians, get registered, get with it and vote this gay hatin’ constitutional amendment down in November. Prop 22 slipped in because no one thought anyone would be crazy enough to vote for it. Hey, as Scotty said to Chekov on the bridge of the Enterprise, “Fool me once…” etc.

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