Even San Diego deserves better than Issa

“2. Issa Weeps Over Premature Withdrawal from Gubernatorial Race

“In the film, A League of Their Own, Tom Hanks proclaims, “there’s no crying in baseball.” If that same standard applied to American politics, Darrell Issa’s career would have ended long ago.

“In 2003, Issa led the effort to recall California Governor Gray Davis. (Davis was undone by the energy crisis which crippled the Golden State thanks in large part to market manipulation by Enron.) But part two of the Issa plan – to capture the Governor’s office himself – abruptly ran aground when Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to get in the race.

“On August 7, 2003, Issa shocked supporters and announced he would not continue his candidacy. Comically claiming, “It had nothing to do with Schwarzenegger’s decision,” Issa at times wept uncontrollably as he made his premature withdrawal. (This video shows Issa’s pathetic performance as he concluded his gubernatorial ambitions had been terminated. The water works start around the 7:30 mark.)”
op 10 Darrell Issa Hall of Shame Moments, Perrspectives, April 4, 2008 (via)

Having bought the recall for himself and then having it whipped out from under him, I tried to make the word Issa synonymous with sucker, alas, it never got much traction.

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