Why do we have primaries?

“With 10 states and territories left to vote, Clinton can definitely pull ahead. Never mind all the ‘Who shot John?’ arguments over the DNC’s screwball decision to penalize those two crucial swing states for moving their primaries up (although New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina were permitted to do so ). The fairest solution would have been a re-vote, but Obama supporters have prevented that from happening. Tell me again what a ‘transformative figure’ he is, because on this score the politician Obama most resembles is George W. Bush. Wilentz also points out that if the Democrats used the state-by-state, winner-take-all standard used in Republican primaries and the general election, Clinton would now have approximately 500 more delegates than Obama and have the nomination locked up. That’s because she’s won almost all the big, Democratic and swing states necessary to prevail in November. Finally, there’s this puzzler: Evidently, it’s hunky-dory for Massachusetts superdelegates like Sens. John Kerry and Ted Kennedy and Gov. Deval Patrick to pledge their votes to Obama, even though Clinton won the state’s primary decisively. How, then, can Obamaphiles call it an anti-democratic outrage for other superdelegates to support Clinton, even if she wins their states, too? See what I mean? Let the voters speak, then decide.”
Let Obama-Clinton contest play itself out, by Gene Lyons, April 9, 2008

I don’t care who wins, just Get. Us. Out. Of. Iraq. Now.

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