J Bloglandia volume 1, issue 1 Cover

(click on image for full size)

Thank you to Seth Anderson at B12 Partners Solipsism for the cover images, which are “Rookery” on the front cover and “Before the Rain Blues” on the back. Chicagoans might recognize at least one of these images.

There’s still some room left for blog essays in the first issue. Here’s more information on the whole deal. I won’t be finalizing anything until after April 18, so if you want in, send me your blog essay on or before April 17 on one of these templates:

MS Word or Rich Text Format or Plain Text. Don’t worry about how it looks, I’ll be formatting up a storm in the final document.

But whether your blog essay is in there or not, J Bloglandia 1:1 is going to have a very lovely cover.

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