A quaint Sunday in Boyle Heights? Who says?

“Everyone’s an art critic when it comes to a $195,000 mural for the LAPD’s new Hollenbeck station.

“The tile mural was meant to depict a quaint Sunday in Boyle Heights. Many angry residents say it makes their neighborhood out to be a crime-ridden dump filled with fat women, stray dogs, beer-swilling men and illegal street vendors. And don’t get them started about the piñata.

“‘There’s no American flag. There seems to be a rule against that,’ said Rosalie Gurrola, born and raised in Boyle Heights, to rousing cheers and applause at a recent community meeting. ‘We need an American flag!’

“The 4,000 tiles are glazed, fired and ready to be installed next month, but public outcry threatens to keep the artwork from ever going up.

“The 100-foot mural by artist Sandow Birk has unwittingly tapped a raw nerve below the surface of a seemingly homogenous community, widely considered L.A.’s mothership of Mexican culture.

“Residents complained about the unleashed dogs, about the ‘illegal’ street vendors, about a man holding a can they guessed was beer. They complained about what wasn’t shown — historical figures, children reading books, more war veterans, positive images of cops — and about what was.

“‘This one lady has clothes drying on bushes,’ said Vera Del Pozo, 56. ‘I’ve seen that in Mexico. Not here.'”
Mural sparks outcry from residents of L.A.’s Eastside. To some in Boyle Heights, a work made of tiles proposed for the Hollenbeck police station contains too many Latino stereotypes, by Hector Becerra, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer, March 20, 2008

When is Cultural Affairs going to wake up in, y’know, Los Angeles? When? Idiots.

Here’s a pdf if the LAT removes the article.

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