Stolen artwork in NYC, please just return it

“On February 27th, one of Lori Earley’s drawings was swiped right off the walls of Jonathan LeVine in NYC.”


“‘All reports confirm that the suspect in question is a white male, approximately 6’2″ tall, in his mid-to-late thirties. He was seen wearing a blue baseball hat with a navy blue backpack, and he spoke with a very heavy New York accent.’ If you or anyone you know has information as to who might have committed this theft or leads on possible location of the stolen drawing, please contact the gallery immediately at (212) 243-3822 or info@jonathanlevinegallery. They are offering a reward for its return.”
Special Circle of Hell, i feel it too, March 1, 2008

Going to hell is optional, just return the drawing, whoever you are. There’s enough suffering in the world already.

Update 031708: Could whoever return this one, too? Reward offered.

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