I’ve got it b.a.d. and ain’t that good?

In honor of Skippy’s very excellent Blogroll Amnesty Day (b.a.d.), the anniversary of the despicable actions of the Bully Blogs and the size-cleansing of their blogrolls, and the fact that smaller blogs, LIKE MINE, run by people who have lives outside of blogging, can last five years and beyond, here is a very small sampling of my list of sympatico blogs, because we are legion, on my blogroll. Actually you could just randomly click on my blogroll and end up somewhere so cool you’ll get cyber frostbite. Some of these blogs aren’t small, they’re just not Bully Blogs or assholes like Markos:

B12 Partners

Wood S Lot

WTF is it Now?

Happening Here

The Crone Speaks

Prince Frankenstein (formerly known as Super Frankenstein)

Philosopher’s Playground

Democratic Veteran

Democratic Strategist

Online Journal

Thought Crimes

I try to add what I’m reading on Bloglines to my blogroll, but I’m reading a lot on bloglines, so there’s actually more than what’s there. I suppose I should put that on the to do list. Or something.

And lest we forget that unfortunate idea of not having a blogroll that was floating around some newer blogs a while ago. Thank God that snob fad never got much traction.

Oh, and by the way, folks, I’m putting together a print version of blog posts IF I get any submissions. The low-down and The Journal of Bloglandia. So get with the template and send me your blog posts, please and thank you!

Update: And, also…

Update 020808: The Fabulous Jon Swift!

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4 Responses to I’ve got it b.a.d. and ain’t that good?

  1. skippy says:

    thanks for joining in, ginger!

  2. archcrone says:

    Ginger, what a cool project!

    I’ll run through some of my stuff and see what might be appropriate.

  3. Skippy,

    Of course I felt it was my duty as the Mrs. Robinson of blogging to throw a little of my weight, if you’ll pardon the expression, behind the b.a.d. boys and girls of blogging. Just kidding, darling. I think I missed the original scuffle last year because I was busy, but I’m glad to have this chance to support this worthy b.a.d. cause. To the barricades! Or something.


    Yay! Can you please cross-post as well? I think the word just isn’t out enough and that’s why I’m not hearing from anyone. Thanks.


  4. PB says:

    just found your blog. very interesting. and nice links!

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