No Need For Bushido as an e-book!

Which is better than no book at all:

“Our premier Wowio book is up and ready for download! It contains the first 3 chapters of NNFB, a preface by Hirotomo, never before seen artwork, and a new NNFB remix! All of that is absolutely free, yet through the magic of the internets, somehow Alex and I get paid for each download. So please sign up and relive the good old days of NNFB. If you aren’t able to use Wowio due to country restrictions, don’t worry. We’re looking for a way to make it available to international readers shortly.”

This is one of the best webcomics I’ve ever read, even when it gets a little goofy, it’s great!

And this WOWIO thing is verrrrrrry interrresting.

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